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Sleep Training Methods in Minnesota

Hello! My name is Dana and I am a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Coach with Tender Transitions.

Originally from Chicago, I now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband, a spunky 3-year old girl and our baby boy. My daughter, Freya was two years old when I decided to become a certified sleep coach and start helping families experience the benefits of full nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Before our daughter was born, I read many pregnancy and birth books but only ONE child behavior/sleep book. After she arrived, I had never been happier..or more exhausted. Not only was I tired from having a newborn baby, but I also had a history of not being a good sleeper.

During maternity leave from my previous job, I felt totally reactive and at times, felt like I’d never get any sleep ever again. I went back to work when Freya was 12 weeks old and barely managed to survive on only a couple hours of sleep a night.

The Turning Point

Just around the time our daughter turned 5 months a coworker recommended Leann to help our family get the sleep that we all needed. I had never heard of a sleep coach and wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew a change needed to happen.
Leann created a plan for us and after three nights our daughter slept from 6:30 PM-6:15 AM. On her own! It felt like a miracle. It changed our lives. It changed how we responded to each other. I was able to be “me” again.

Having a sleep coach for our family was so life-changing that I knew I wanted to help other families. I wanted to learn as much as I could in order to train other families and get them the sleep that they need.

In 2018, I completed training through the Sleep Sense Program, as well as training side-by-side with Leann, to become a Tender Transitions Certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach.

Baby Sleep Coach in Minneapolis

I love being part of the Tender Transitions team and look forward to working with you and other families in order to find the perfect balance. As a full-time working mom, I know how important sleep is for everyone in the family!


My experience with Dana has changed my life, I have time for myself, and my son sleeps! He finally sleeps overnight without nursing, in his room and in his crib. Dana saved my and my partner’s sanity! She was amazing, so supportive and helpful. During the first night she was there, texting me and giving me support. She is wonderful. I could not have done this without her, I am so grateful for her.
– Melissa


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