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Take this Sleep Health Check. If any of these sound familiar, we can help.

You're a smart savvy woman who dreamed of becoming a mom who had it all figured out. But instead you're stressed and irritable due to lack of sleep and you just don't know where to start to make sleep easier.

Your vision of motherhood may have included a vision of the perfect nursery, having a child ahead of the curve in all developmental areas, and greeting your well-rested baby or child in the morning ready to jump into another exciting day together.

But now, every morning you are woken up way too early by a screaming baby who thinks it’s time to get up. Your day is focused on attempting to get your child to nap but you are only met with resistance, crying, and refusal to nap without being held by you. 

After dinner is over you start to feel that dread in the pit of your stomach. “Will bedtime go easy or will it take us an hour or more to get her to sleep again?” The anticipation of what’s to come this night has kept you from enjoying anything else.

Why hadn't anyone told me this would be so hard?"

Hey, I’ve been there too.
And now I help others avoid these difficult days and dreadful nights.

I am a Twin Cities, MN sleep coach who helps exhausted and overwhelmed parents all over the world teach their child to sleep easily and independently. They want their child to sleep better but they don’t know how to make it happen. I provide compassionate sleep strategies that help the whole family sleep again and get back freedom to do the things they love.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I thought I was doing everything possible to be fully prepared for his arrival and to be an incredible mom. I read all the right books, I attended all the classes, I had everything set up and ready to go! He arrived and within the first few weeks I found myself extremely overwhelmed in my new role. Why hadn’t anyone told me this would be so hard?

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When it came to his sleep I found that holding him and nursing him worked really well for getting him to sleep. Awesome! I’ve got this! Until one night, I tried to put him down without nursing and holding him to sleep. And he literally couldn’t fall asleep. 

Suddenly we had a baby who believed the only way to fall asleep was through sucking and being held.

Two and a half years later our second son arrived and we had an even tougher sleeper. And truth be told, we still didn’t know what to do! Now we had a baby boy who needed extreme motion in order to fall asleep. No kidding! I actually would do step aerobics in our living room to get him to sleep! Only to have him startle awake the moment I tried to sneak him into his crib.

Bedtime became something I dreaded. As we went through his bedtime routine, I would anticipate the night, how bad it might be, and how many times I would have to get up to help him back to sleep.

It was the worst when he was about 3 years old and now sleeping in a big kid bed. We fell into the trap of laying down with him to help him fall asleep. We thought, “Hey, this is kind of nice!” But as time went on, this need of his became greater. To the point where I not only had to lay with him at bedtime, but I would find myself back in his room 3-5 times a night laying with him again just so he could fall asleep.

I was a mess. I wasn’t productive at work, my health had suffered, and I was definitely not being the mom I had always dreamed of being...

I felt trapped in a cycle that I didn’t know how to get out of. Something had to change.

I discovered from a friend that there were people who actually helped you sleep train your child. I was so excited that maybe we wouldn’t have to do this alone. We worked with someone who helped us identify why it was so difficult for my son to fall asleep on his own, and gave us a concrete plan for how to get there. 

Finally, we were all sleeping again!

At the time this was all happening, I had been in a very successful marketing career for many years. But I was feeling a pull towards doing something that was more personal to me, that I could relate to, and where I could apply my desire to nurture and educate others. I wanted to find some small way where I could make a difference in other families’ lives.

I found my place as a sleep coach and founded Tender Transitions.

Since 2011, I’ve had the honor of helping so many families find better sleep. My team and I have witnessed babies who went from waking every hour overnight to sleeping a solid 12 hours all on their own. 

We’ve seen toddlers and preschoolers finally fall into a consistent napping schedule and make it through a bedtime routine without stall tactics, tantrums, and coming out of their room several times a night just to “check” on mom and dad. 

And we’ve had the joy of celebrating with parents who, for the first time since their child was born, were able to watch a movie together in the evening, enjoy a quiet meal together without interruption, and have a babysitter so they could go out for the night. 


At Tender Transitions, you receive a plan that will have all of you sleeping through the night. We work within your family’s parenting philosophies and create a plan that will have you sleeping through the night. In addition to our sleep coaching expertise, we also are experienced in breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, stay-at-home parents, and corporate professionals. We understand…

We want to make sure you have the right fit with our coaches. By filling out a brief questionnaire and scheduling your free “Let’s Get Acquainted” call, you will be matched with the perfect sleep coach for your family.

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Carin Bratlie Wethern

Hello, I am Carin, a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Coach. As a sleep coach, I help families teach their children independent sleep skills for a lifetime of restful, restorative sleep. Our family’s experience with sleep training was life changing, so much so that now I want to help others with the same thing.


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