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You’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and discouraged because your child isn’t sleeping.

Being perpetually sleep deprived does not have to be your life.

We’ve got you! And we are here to help.

Work With Us

We’re a team of sleep coaches who help exhausted and overwhelmed parents teach their child to sleep easily and independently. You want your child to sleep better but you don’t know how to make it happen. We’re here for you. We provide compassionate sleep strategies that help the whole family sleep again and get back freedom to do the things you love.

Who We Work With

We work with parents who recognize that their current way of sleeping (or not sleeping) is not working for them. They want to get more sleep for the whole family but they aren’t sure who to listen to or which way to go. They believe that things can be better but are looking for someone to guide them down a path that will be successful and less confusing. Sometimes they find themselves saying, “I just wish someone would tell me what to do!”

We’ll help you whether you have just one child, or many, including multiples! Tell us your worries, your struggles, and hopes for sleep in the future, and we will create a plan just for you to get you there!

What We Do Together

With more than 12 years of collective sleep coaching experience in Minnesota and around the country, we thrive on helping you crack the code to getting your child to sleep.

After we’ve worked our magic together, you will experience:
If you are ready for a clear and detailed, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to sleep through the night and have great naps during the day, start with one of our packages below. From there we will help you design the best plan for success!
Our sleep coaching services are most appropriate for newborns to 7 years old.

Our Coaching Packages

Platinum Sleep Package

Say Yes to Sleep! Do you live in the Twin Cities and looking for long-term sleep support? Not only will your sleep coach be in-reach via text, but your sleep coach will be with you, in-person, on that first night to provide all the support you need.

Your sleep coach will check in with you daily through live voice messaging, give in-person guidance the first night of your sleep training, and you’ll have 6 months of unlimited voice messaging support!

Platinum sleep | Tender Transitions

Premium Sleep Package

How would it feel to virtually have us in your back pocket whenever you need us? If you are looking for the white glove service of sleep coaching, this package is for you.

In addition to what is included in the Superior Sleep Package, your sleep coach will check in with you daily through live voice messaging, give you unlimited text support the first night of your sleep training, and 6 months of unlimited voice messaging support!

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Superior Sleep Package

Nervous about sleep training? Or maybe you’re a first time parent with a long list of questions? This package gives you the extra support to help set your family’s sleep up for success.

In addition to what is included in the Essential Sleep Package, you will have an extra week of support to get answers to all your questions. We’ll help make the transition to sleep training a smooth, stress-free process.

Superior sleep | Tender Transitions

Essential Sleep Package

While we believe some parents are ready to do the work mostly on their own, most parents will see their greatest results with ongoing, and involved support from us. We’ve seen everything — and we can help you know what to expect along the way during sleep training. 

Not only do you receive a detailed written plan to follow, but we’ll check in with you regularly to answer all your questions, help you troubleshoot the tough spots, and cheer you on to more success. 

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Basic Sleep Package

You’ll receive the basic nuts and bolts needed to successfully sleep train your child. This includes a written plan to remove sleep props, and get the overnight sleep and naps you’ve always dreamed of for your child. 

Are you a DIY kind of person? This package is appropriate for parents who have done sleep training with us before and are comfortable with limited support.

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Ready For More Peaceful Nights?

2 Week Plan
3 Week Plan
4 Week Plan
6 Mo. Plan
6 Mo. Plan
Support DIY approach Involved support Extra guidance Long-term Long-term in-person
Comprehensive sleep assessment of your child's sleep habits
Customized sleep plan
60-90 minute consultation with your sleep coach
Sleep tracker
20 minute spot check calls** 1 3 3 3 3
Unlimited live voice messaging support 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 6 months 6 months
Sleep resources guide
Night 1 of sleep training Unlimited text support (until 12am CT) Unlimited text support (until 12am CT) In-person support***

Newborn Sleep Support Package​


With any newborn comes many, many questions! Especially when it comes to sleep. We don’t recommend sleep training for newborns; however we are equipped with all the right education and gentle guidance to get you started on the right path for healthy sleep habits. 

You receive three 30-minute sleep support sessions with your sleep coach to answer your questions and provide guidance and recommendations. These calls should be completed by 4 months of age.

sleeping newborn - Tender Transitions


$150 for each additional child.

Sibling Discount

20% off of the sleep package of lesser price when all sleep packages are purchased at the same time. This excludes specialty packages such as the Refresher and Smooth Move packages.

*We offer coaching via phone, Zoom, or in-person.

**Spot check calls need to be used within the timeframe of the selected package.

***In-person half-night support in the Platinum package is available on Friday and Saturday nights for local clients within the Twin Cities Metro Area.

****In-person consultations are available with an additional $150 travel fee within the Twin Cities Metro Area.

*****Availability varies by sleep coach. We can often accommodate a new client within just a few days.


REFUND POLICY: Our fees are based on the time spent creating your plan, consulting with you and providing support. If for any reason you decide to cease the relationship, you will not be refunded. Tender Transitions will make every attempt to address and fix any concerns you have brought to our attention.


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1. Let's Get

  • Schedule your free “Let’s Get Acquainted” Call to discuss your sleep concerns for your child and fill out the short questionnaire.
  • We will recommend the appropriate sleep package and match you with a sleep coach.
  • You will receive a quote for the recommended package to proceed.
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2. Develop Your
Customized Plan

  • Your sleep consultation appointment will be scheduled.
  • Your sleep coach will develop a customized sleep plan for your child.
  • Your coaching support will begin on night one of your sleep training.
  • Your sleep coach will answer any questions or adjust your plan as needed.
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3. Support You
Along The Way

  • Your sleep coach will be with you every step of the way.
  • Ongoing support is offered through various channels throughout your sleep training. 
  • Your sleep coach will help you troubleshoot and make any plan changes necessary for your success.
Child Hugging her mother - Tender Transition

4. Your Success

  • Your entire family is sleeping better!
  • Your sleep coach will set you up with tools to use down the road.
  • Your child is now an independent sleeper.
  • Your success story will be shared and celebrated.

Your next step is to schedule a "Let's Get Acquainted" call.

"Our journey to Leann was long, but after three nights of following Leann's plan we finally all got sleep! We tried sleep training our son on our own and after about a week we realized we needed help. We worked with a sleep consultant based where we live in San Francisco and after working with that sleep consultant for six weeks our son was still waking up several times a night and taking inconsistent naps.
You can imagine why we thought our son was one of those kids that was just a bad sleeper and we would have to accept our new reality.
After three more months of terrible sleep we decided to try another sleep consultant and were recommended to Leann by a friend.
From the moment I spoke with Leann, I felt hopeful.
Within three nights of working with her, our son began to fall asleep on his own, sleep through the night and take consistent naps. Leann thought of everything and made sure that all the people involved in my son's sleep (me, my husband and other caregivers) had the tools to navigate the sleep plan during our time working together and afterwards.
I can't recommend her enough! She truly changed our lives!
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"Working with Carin at Tender Transitions was one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents! Our 4-year old now goes to bed regularly at 7:45 and sleeps through the night until wake up time at 7 a.m., something we never thought was possible.
We now have our evenings back and get much better sleep as an entire family!
We had faced years of sleep issues ranging from multiple nightly wakings to not being able to fall asleep without a parent present. We tried every trick in the book, but they never seemed to work. Carin guided us through a program to address all the sleep issues at once in a positive and gentle manner. Our daughter really responded to the program and now looks forward to our nightly routine. I’ve seen her confidence and cooperation grow in our day to day life as a result.
Carin provided clear and consistent direction that helped us know what to do and address issues as they came up. Our only regret is not having worked with Carin earlier!"
family in orchard - Tender Transitions
Lisa and Ted

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