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A Minneapolis Sleep Coach Can Help You and Your Child Achieve Better Sleep


Moms and dads face many challenges as they enjoy the precious moments of parenthood. With one of the main challenges being issues with naps and sleeping through the night. If your child is having problems with sleep, we have good news. A Minneapolis sleep coach with The Tender Transitions team can help you and your child achieve better sleep. You are not alone. There is hope!

No Need to Let Your Child Cry It Out

Old conventions instructed parents to let their children “cry it out” or they would never experience better sleep. However, you do not need to sit at your child’s door distraught and feeling helpless listening to your baby cry herself or himself to sleep or even make themselves sick.

A sleep coach evaluates your baby’s sleep patterns, needs, and challenges to develop a customized sleep plan that resolves your child’s issues with sleep. It doesn’t mean that there will be no crying, but you won’t be expected to simply ignore it. With your customized sleep plan and individual support from your experienced sleep coach, your child can achieve healthy sleep patterns that promote improved emotional, physical, and mental health for everyone in the household. 

Tender Transitions Sleep Consulting Services 

We offer a variety of services related to sleep coaching in the Minneapolis area; and also work with families across the U.S. Our services are designed based on a child’s age and needs. 

Some of our popular sleep coaching services include:

Expecting & Newborn Sleep Packages 

Sleep packages designed specifically for newborns up to 12 weeks of age. Learn about how to teach your newborn healthy sleep habits from birth to avoid sleep challenges later. If a full sleep package is not needed, you may want to consider a call package that allows you to ask questions and receive answers from an experienced baby sleep consultant.

Infant Sleep Packages 

These sleep plans are designed for children between 13 weeks and 24 months of age. Your package includes a comprehensive online assessment, a private phone consultation with a pediatric sleep coach, customized sleep plan, follow-up calls, email support, sleep log, nursery/bedroom assessment, and sleep survival kit. 

There are also many add-on services that you can request to customize your sleep services to meet all your needs and your infant’s needs. We also have plans for twins and multiples.

Toddler and Older Sleep Packages

You may not have any issues with sleep until your child is 25 months or older. Our toddler and older packages have the same great services as our infant package, but the plans and services are designed specifically for the special needs of toddlers and older children. A toddler sleep expert works with you and your child to identify why your child is not sleeping and develop an individualized plan that addresses the issues that are preventing better sleep.

Our toddler package is also available for twins and multiples and allows for one or more add-on services to customize your experience with the Tender Transitions team.

Refresher Package

Sleep issues can arise at any stage. You may resolve your child’s sleep problems but find that you need additional sleep coaching as your child enters a new phase in their sleep pattern or regresses because of an illness, travel, or other events. Our refresher package is designed to help with transitions and get your child back on track for healthy, productive sleep.

You may also want to add on unlimited text support or look at our 12-month bundle for additional support as you continue to help your child achieve better sleep.

Are You Ready to Speak with a Sleep Expert?

Schedule a call with a Tender Transitions certified infant and child sleep coach to discuss your child’s sleep challenges and goals. During your complimentary 20-minute Let’s Get Acquainted appointment, you will speak directly with one of our sleep coaches to help you learn more and get started. She will recommend the sleep package that best meets your needs. You receive answers to your questions about sleep coaching and solutions to infant and childhood sleep problems. 

Help Your Child Overcome Sleep Struggles with the Help of a Sleep Coach in Minneapolis.

Sleepless nights can be a thing of the past with the help of Tender Transitions. Schedule your 20-minute free, no-obligation sleep consultation online, or contact our office by email or by calling 612-991-5224

We look forward to speaking with you about your child’s sleep and how Tender Transitions can help you and your entire family achieve greater sleep.


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