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Before becoming a parent you dreamed of singing to your baby while you watched her peacefully fall asleep on her own. In reality, your child’s sleep has become your nightmare! All you want at the end of the day is to relax but you end up anticipating a hard, long night instead.

The difficult bedtimes, short naps, and night wakings for no reason are wearing you down (and you KNOW he doesn’t need to eat yet again!). 

And with so much information available you’re feeling lost with figuring out what your child’s daytime schedule should be and you constantly wonder why their naps are so short.

You want to enjoy time with your child before bed, but struggle to find a bedtime routine that is both enjoyable and easy, without all the extensive work it takes to get there.

You can’t remember the last time you were able to sit down and relax with your partner to watch your favorite show, eat a slow meal together, or just be… together.

You feel like you will never sleep again… and you wonder…

What if your child's bedtime was no longer Mission Impossible but instead went as smoothly as a scene from Mary Poppins?


What do you feel when you imagine your days and evenings like this? 

Refreshed? Joyful? Free? Excited?

We’ve got you!

We are a sleep coach team who helps exhausted and overwhelmed parents teach their child to sleep easily and independently.

In your time with us, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to jumpstart better sleep for your child. Through customized and clear guidance, we will show you how to create a daily schedule and routines that are EASY to implement and work for your family and your child. 

You’ll learn about the most common pitfalls when it comes to getting a baby or toddler to sleep (and we’ve seen them all!) so you can understand what’s holding your child back.

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After your Jumpstart Sleep sessions you’ll:

Here’s how we’ll help you get on the path to better sleep for your family…

First, you’ll complete a few exercises on your own to prepare for our session.

  • Dare to Imagine! You’ll get clear on how better sleep will feel with more energy, time for yourself and your partner, and doing the things you love once your child is sleeping better!
  • Sleep Discovery. Next it’s time to take a close look at your child’s sleep and where they are struggling the most through a sleep survey.

Second, let’s learn and plan together.

  • 1-on-1 Jumpstart Sleep Session. A 90-minute video coaching session where we will dive deep into your discoveries about your child’s sleep and I’ll walk you through schedules and routines, and we’ll work to start identifying the pitfalls affecting your own family’s sleep. 

Third, it’s time to put your tools to work.

  • Tools to Use. You’ll receive the necessary tools for implementing a daily schedule, routines for nap time, bedtime, and morning wake up time for your child. We’ll pinpoint potential pitfalls that may be lurking in the background disrupting your child’s sleep. You’ll be ready to begin making changes.
Lastly, we’ll wrap it all up.
  • How’d you do? We’ll get back together for a 30-minute video coaching session to celebrate your successes, troubleshoot current challenges around scheduling, routines, and sleep to keep your momentum going!
You’ll finally be able to enjoy your days with a more consistent schedule and naps, and your nights with easier and more enjoyable bedtimes.

Your Price: $219

Are you ready to jumpstart your child's sleep?
We can’t wait to help you. It’s simple to get started with these 3 steps.


Make your one-time payment here:


Within two business days you’ll receive an email with instructions for scheduling your 90 minute Jumpstart Sleep session and a little homework.


Complete our Jumpstart Sleep session and discuss changes you will make with your child’s sleep.

"Our journey to Leann was long, but after three nights of following her plan we finally all got to sleep! From the moment I spoke with Leann, I felt hopeful. Within three nights of working with her, our son began to sleep on his own and take more consistent naps. Leann thought of everything and made sure that all the people involved in my son's sleep had the tools to navigate the sleep recommendations during our time working together and afterwards. I can't recommend her enough! She truly changed our lives!”
“Leann created a perfect plan for our family which got all of us back on track sleeping again. The best part ... that was only the beginning of our relationship! Leann has helped us through nap transitions, travel, daylight savings, you name it! My son is now 4 and we’re still working together. Leann is kind, thoughtful and so good at what she does - I can’t recommend her enough!”
Steven and Rebecca
"Our son used to be the poster-child for bedtime. We could count on one hand how many times in the first two years of his life that going to bed or nighttime was an issue. One night, he just decided that he was done with night time and would scream for hours. We spent two months trying all sorts of things. Then, our angel Leann came into our lives. Within the first week he wasn't screaming anymore, no sleeping in our bed, and he was independent and excited about going into his big boy bed. He now sleeps through the night and if he wakes, he puts himself back to sleep. I'm still in shock. Truly, this was one of the best decisions of 2020!"

Are you ready to Jumpstart Your Child's Sleep in 3 Easy Steps?

Your Price: $219

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