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Smooth Move Package

Creating a smooth transition
from the crib to the bed.

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Is your child at least 2.5 years old and showing signs that it might be time to graduate from the crib?

Or maybe they aren’t showing the signs yet, but you are ready because you have another baby on the way.

Do you wonder…

It's A Big Transition Moving From the Crib To A Big Kid Bed!

The thought of this move can feel overwhelming,
but what if....

Ready to make this a smooth, worry-free transition?
How would you feel? Refreshed? Joyful? Free? Excited?

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We’ve got you!

We are a sleep coach team who helps exhausted and overwhelmed parents teach their child to sleep easily and independently.

In your time with us, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to create a smooth transition from the crib to a big kid bed. Through customized and clear guidance, we will show you how to: 

  • Create a sleep sanctuary that your child will love.
  • Implement effective tools so your child is successful (and quick!) at bedtime.
  • Teach your child when it’s okay to get up for the day.

*This package will not address sleep props, schedule, or naps. It is assumed that your child currently falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night. If this is not the case, please consider a full sleep coaching package

Your Smooth Move Package Includes…

First, we’ll do a preliminary sleep assessment to ensure your child is ready for a successful bed transition.

Second, you’ll receive a customized transition plan that focuses on preparation prior to making the move, strategies for bedtime,  setting boundaries and expectations, and how to avoid common challenges during this transition.

Third,  you’ll have a 30-45 minute one-on-one consultation with your sleep coach

Lastly,  you’ll have real time voice messaging for one week with your sleep coach to support you through a successful transition.

Want a stress-free transition to a big kid bed?

Let's Get Started!

We can’t wait to help you. It’s simple to get started with these 3 steps.


Make your one-time payment here:

* This package will not address sleep props, schedule, or naps. If your child cannot fall asleep independently, please consider a full sleep coaching package.


Within two business days you’ll receive an email with instructions for scheduling your Smooth Move consultation.


Get started with your sleep coach on your Smooth Move transition!

"Our journey to Leann was long, but after three nights of following her plan we finally all got to sleep! From the moment I spoke with Leann, I felt hopeful. Within three nights of working with her, our son began to sleep on his own and take more consistent naps. Leann thought of everything and made sure that all the people involved in my son's sleep had the tools to navigate the sleep recommendations during our time working together and afterwards. I can't recommend her enough! She truly changed our lives!”
“Leann created a perfect plan for our family which got all of us back on track sleeping again. The best part ... that was only the beginning of our relationship! Leann has helped us through nap transitions, travel, daylight savings, you name it! My son is now 4 and we’re still working together. Leann is kind, thoughtful and so good at what she does - I can’t recommend her enough!”
Steven and Rebecca
"Our son used to be the poster-child for bedtime. We could count on one hand how many times in the first two years of his life that going to bed or nighttime was an issue. One night, he just decided that he was done with night time and would scream for hours. We spent two months trying all sorts of things. Then, our angel Leann came into our lives. Within the first week he wasn't screaming anymore, no sleeping in our bed, and he was independent and excited about going into his big boy bed. He now sleeps through the night and if he wakes, he puts himself back to sleep. I'm still in shock. Truly, this was one of the best decisions of 2020!"
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