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Newborn Sleep Success Toolkit

Born To Sleep: Newborn Sleep | Tender Transitions
Are you expecting a new baby soon? Or do you have a newborn at home with you already? Either way, I’m sure you have lots of questions about what to expect from your newborn baby and how you will get them to sleep so you can sleep too! 

Do you wonder

This course covers topics like this and more:

Welcoming a new baby is so exciting -- and it can also feel a bit scary.

But what if you could set your newborn up for sleep success right away and...

Meet The Team

Sleep Coach Leann Latus - Tender Transitions
Leann Latus | Tender Transitions
We are a sleep coach team who helps exhausted and overwhelmed parents teach their children to sleep easily and independently. 

We’ve been around for a long time! In fact, we’ve been sleep coaching families for over ten years and we’ve seen everything! In addition to our sleep coaching expertise, we also are experienced in breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, stay-at-home parents, and corporate professionals. And we also understand the unique newborn stage and all that you, as parents, are going through

This course does not teach specific sleep training methods because we strongly believe that newborns are too young for actual sleep training. What this course does provide is a strong foundation for sleep so that you can avoid some of the pitfalls around your baby’s sleep as they get older. If you discover that your baby still needs sleep training once they are no longer a newborn, we offer sleep coaching packages to meet your needs. 

Born To Sleep: Newborn Sleep Success Toolkit Also Includes:

Lifetime access to over 2.5 hours of educational video content

Exclusive membership to our private Facebook community for six months with unlimited support from our team to answer your questions.

Handouts, worksheets, sample schedules and routines

48-page Sleep Resource Guide covering the most important sleep information as your newborn gets older

This course is valued at over $650...

Your price today is only $249!

"I think that it is important to learn from someone who has spent a lot of time investigating newborn sleep and has great pointers to help a new parent not go totally insane from trying to learn newborn sleep. I think a lot of new parents think that all babies sleep and do the same things, when it is simply not true. Every child is different and has different needs. This course helped me realize that some things you can control and other things you cannot. You will have some really good days but also some bad days and that it is OKAY!"
"Once I started listening to your first video I felt hooked and wanted to learn all you could teach me! Like you held the secrets to better sleep and I just had to listen and learn and it is possible for us too! I absolutely recommend this course. I thought Leann's method to teach us was so effective and approachable. Knowing she is trying to reach and teach parents when we are in this new, raw, sleepless delirious stage- the videos were short, clear, concise and could be played multiple times in the row!"
"This was my third baby so I wasn’t new to the block but I was looking for more help on establishing a healthy routine for me, baby and the rest of the family. I’ve already talked to family members about what I’ve learned and how easy the course was!"
"I found the course super informative. Specifically, the information about the stages of a newborn's awake cycle was new and very helpful. I loved that each lesson was fairly short, which made it easy to tackle in little pockets of time as a busy, working mom. I definitely feel more confident and capable going into the newborn stage this time around!"
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