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Additional Services

Smooth Move Package

Is your child at least 2.5 years old and showing signs that it might be time to graduate from the crib? Or maybe they aren’t showing the signs yet, but you are ready (i.e. you have a baby on the way)?

This is a big transition for many kids! Often times it comes with lots of excitement at first, but then unexpected challenges arise that you may not be prepared for. Let us help you do this right the first time!

This package includes:

  • Preliminary sleep assessment to ensure your child is ready for a successful bed transition.
  • Customized transition plan that focuses on preparation prior to making the move, strategies for bedtime, setting boundaries and expectations, and how to avoid common challenges during this transition.
  • One-on-one 30-45 minute consultation with your sleep coach.
  • Real-time voice messaging for one week with your sleep coach to support you through a successful transition.

This package will not address sleep props, schedule, or naps. It is assumed that your child currently falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night. If this is not the case, please consider a full sleep coaching package.

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Jumpstart Sleep Package

What if baby’s bedtime were no longer Mission Impossible but instead went as smoothly as a scene from Mary Poppins? You’re enjoying a shorter, easier bedtime and now you’re not so exhausted to sit down and enjoy some time for yourself.  Naps are becoming more predictable, allowing you to plan that much-needed lunch outing with your bestie. Your baby is noticeably happier, more content, and enjoys their own “playtime”.

This package includes:

  • Preliminary sleep assessment of your child’s sleep habits.
  • Customized sleep and bedtime plan to create effective and consistent sleep routines including bedtime, naptime, and morning wake up times so that you can have more time to yourself.
  • One-on-one 40-60 minute consultation to review you plan
  • Real-time voice messaging for 2 weeks with your sleep coach.
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Refresher Package

This package is a great option for previous clients of ours who are going through a new phase with your child’s sleep or recovering from a sleep regression due to travel, illness, developmental milestones, or similar. Whenever possible, you will be paired with your original sleep coach.

This excludes a “crib to bed” transition. Please see the Crib to Bed Transition mini package.

This package includes:

  • Updated preliminary sleep assessment of your child’s sleep habits.
  • Customized sleep plan outlining recommendations for your child’s sleep.
  • Live 45-minute consultation with your sleep coach. Your coach will have your sleep plan prepared and ready to review together.
  • Real time voice messaging support for one week.
  • Live sleep tracking log created specifically for your child to ensure you are making measurable progress and results!
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Unlimited Text Support on Night 1 of Sleep Training

If you are anxious about your sleep training or just want some extra support as you get started, this provides unlimited text support from bedtime until 12:00am CT. You’ll get immediate answers about your plan, bedtime, routines, or how to respond to your child. You’ll also get lots of on-the-spot encouragement, reminders, and support.

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One Week Voice Messaging Support

Do you need a little more support as you continue to work on changes to your child’s sleep? Or maybe you have some new sleep work to do and would like to quick support. This is a great option for things like improving naps, nap transitions, answering a series of sleep questions, working through regressions, travel, or illness.

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Spot Check Calls
20-minutes - $75
40-minutes -$135

Perfect for one or two quick questions to keep your child’s sleep on track or to prepare for an upcoming change like a vacation, or heading to daycare.

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6-months Voice Messaging Support

If you’re like a lot of parents, you always have more questions! Sign up for this 6-month unlimited voice messaging support package to always keep your sleep coach in your back pocket!

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Half Night In-Person Support Package
$600+ (plus sleep package)

Your sleep coach will arrive at your home 30-60 minutes prior to the start of your child’s bedtime and stay with you for six hours on the first night of your sleep training. You will be coached through the bedtime routine changes, helping your child fall asleep, and assist you through any night wakings until it’s time for your coach to quietly leave.

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